Cayo Buenavista Future Tourism Destination

Cayo Buenavista Pinar del Rio

As one of the few larger islands close to Havana, Cayo Buenavista is earmarked to be the next big Cuba destination. With easy 60km (37 Miles) access to Havana and an ideal distance from Key West USA, the island makes an ideal retreat for Havana residents while still promising the idyllic beauty of Cuba’s amazing northern keys. Just 90 miles from Key West, Cayo Buenavista promised to be a jet set destination with ample space on the island for a yacht marina and 4 luxurious hotels.

At just 20km from Viñales in Pinar del Rio, the island would offer an amazing assortment of cultural activities and broad tourism appeal. Much larger than Cayo Levisa and better situated for yacht access, Cayo Buenavista is likely to be the next major Cuban destination.

Cayo Buenavista Today

Cayo Buenavista Cuba Pinar del Rio

It is easy to visit the island today on one of the numerous fishing trips offered from Pinar del Rio. While there is no causeway to the island, the distance to the mainland is short and judging by other mega projects like the causeway pedraplen to Cayo Coco, it will be relatively easy to connect the northern mainland to the island.